We offer our co-location services for customers who wish to house their equipment in our datacenter. We provide many flexible options and can also provide IP KVM and remote reboot services for one to many servers.
Features of Co-Location Services
Our co-location services are offered out of our Berkeley Springs, WV facility and include redundant battery, generator, cooling, and highly available network services to ensure your servers are always available.
Our Services
We offer 1U to multiple racks of co-location space with various power and bandwidth configurations. For customers with split or full cabinets, keycard access is available so you can maintain and make changes to your own equipment. We can also co-locate your equipment in shared space and perform remote hands activities or serve as an escort for you to perform your own upgrades and changes. Remote hands fees are reasonable and affordable.
Single Server Special
  • Up to 2U Rack Space
  • Up to 2 Amp 110v Power
  • 3000GB Bandwidth / Month
  • 100mbit Network Port
  • $100.00 / Month
  • $75.00 / Setup
Half Rack
  • 21U Rack Space
  • 20 AMP 110v Power
  • 50 Mbit Bandwidth
  • 100 Mbit Network Port
  • $800.00 / Month
  • $400.00 / Setup
Full Rack
  • 42U Rack Space
  • 20 AMP 110v Power
  • 100 Mbit Bandwidth
  • 100 Mbit Network Port
  • $1300.00 / Month
  • $650.00 / Setup
Additional IP addresses $2/mo per IP
Windows Server WEB $10/mo
Cpanel $15/mo
Windows Server STD $20/mo
Direct Admin $5/mo
Windows Server ENT $60/mo