Berkeley Springs, West Virgina:

Facility Overview

This facility features the following:

 > Geographically diverse network entrance points
 > Redundant Routing and Switching Hardware
 > Backup Generators
 > UPS Conditioned Power
 > Redundant Cooling Systems

Network Infrastructure

This location utilizes a high quality BGP blend of network providers to increase the reachability of ours customers and provide efficient low-latency connectivity. Our network utilizes Cisco network hardware and technologies such as BGP, HSRP and LACP to deliver the data necessary to accomplish your needs, big or small.

Our network provider list includes:

 > nLayer
 > Tinet Spa
 > Equinix Exchange in Ashburn, VA
 > Cogent Communications
 > Black Lotus Communications
 > NTT America, Inc.
 > GTT Communications, Inc.
 > Hurricane Electric, Inc.

Speed Test Information:

We are an official partner, click the link below and then select Begin Test - Your preferred server to test from our facility.